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Call Recording

Recording calls is becoming increasingly more important. With every phone call that happens, there’s an opportunity to connect with a potential client. By recording your calls, you have the ability to listen back to your exchanges and do so while being sure you’re safe and secure.

Voice Recording

Improve Customer Service

Our call recording services can be used as a training purposes tool for you and your staff, as it gives you quality control and the chance to go over your previous calls and understand potentially what you could’ve done better. Plus, it can give a definite boost to improving customer service skills resulting in higher quality telephone calls in the future.

No More Mistakes

An added bonus is no more mistakes, no more jotting down what a customer might want, and having the ability to rewind your call logs. This ensures you know exactly what a customer wants is guaranteed to save you time and money in the long run.

Fully Customisable

You decide how much or how little you record, so you don’t have to sit listening to things that aren’t relevant to what you need.

Call Recording

Easy to install

Just access your online portal and we will do the rest for you within minutes then you will be ready to record!

Complies with the relevant standards

We know that GDPR can be quite daunting but there’s no need to worry as we have made sure that we abide by all relevant standards and GDPR laws, so you can have full confidence in your system without any need to worry.

Voice Recording
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