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The Foundation Charity Football Match

The first football match of the year.

On Friday 18th March 2022, we visited the Testlands Hub where we played a highly anticipated game of football to raise money for The Foundation. By doing so, we aim to focus on empowering children from tough backgrounds, to help them become who they want to become, or achieve want they want to achieve.
Last year, we had one game, the scoreline was Ops FC 1 – 2 Sales FC. So as you can imagine, the Operations Team had a lot to prove this year.

The weather was great, the sun was out and everyone was ready.
Ops FC started off on the back foot, multiple key members of their team were unable to play. They had 1 player on the bench, compared to the Sales teams 5. 
Sales FC were eager to go, they have their perfect lineup, everything was going their way. They posted a pre-match conference to show how confident they were.
Kick off was 3pm.

Operations FC preperation

Sales FC kick-off!

They start aggressive and keep the ball moving pushing into the final third, but Harry (engineer) pulls off a fantastic tackle and clears the ball up pitch, it looks hopeful, but it goes wide for Ops.

Sales then take a goal kick, it’s perfectly set up for the counter and Sales tap it in, it’s now 0-1.

Sales are really attacking, you can see that Ops are struggling with their key players off the pitch. There’s some back and fourth but Sales score again, they’re now 0-2.

Ops weren’t giving up though, they start moving the ball around the midfield quickly and show great link up play. It get sent up field and Ops score – they’re bringing it back. We finish the first quarter 1-2.

The second quarter is underway.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work out for Ops as they swap their goalkeeper with their midfielder.

They seem to struggle with the pace and squad depth of the Sales side.

Sales score another 2 goals this quarter making it 1-4 at half time. That being said, Ops showed their tenacity and made some huge tackles and came very close with a few great shots.

As the third quarter starts, you can tell all the players are starting to look tired, even worse so on the Ops side.

Sales FC are able to score another 3 goals, whereas Ops aren’t able to get anything passed the defence of Sales.

The third quarter ends on a tough 1-7, but we have another quarter so anything could happen!

Ops Tired

The last quarter has started. It’s Ops’ best quarter, they are able to score 2 goals, to bring it to 3-7.

Sales then fight back and score 2 more goals to bring the game to an end at 3-9.

It was a great performance by both but Sales came out on top again.

This is only the first game of the year and we have another 2 planned. All fun aside, we were able to raise £150 for our foundation which is a start towards our target of £10,000 this year.

We would like to thank everyone who participated & donated. Also, a huge thank you to Testlands Hub who allowed us to use their football pitch and for everything they do to help the local children and less fortunate of Southampton.

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