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Meet the team

Our team is forever growing and we couldn’t be happier. We only hire professionals, and these are the people that take our company from strength to strength. They give the best service you can find in our industry.

Axel Molist Cordina Staff Photo

Axel Molist Cordina

Managing Director
Graham Boyes Staff Photo

Graham Boyes

Sales Director
Jamie Pidgley Staff Photo

Jamie Pidgley

Operations Director
Jordan Evans Staff Photo

Jordan Evans

New Business Director
Michael James Staff Photo

Michael James

Sales Operations Manager
Michael Gallagher Staff Photo

Michael Gallagher

Training Manager
Joe Proctor Staff Photo

Joe Proctor

Floor Walking Manager
Charlie Leeson Staff Photo

Charlie Leeson

Floor Walker
Adam Parnell Staff Photo

Adam Parnell

Principal New Business Manager

Holly Holland

Sales Development Manager
Lauren Fitzgerald Staff Photo

Lauren Fitzgerald

Leasing Administrator
Aisling Colgan Staff Photo

Aisling Colgan

Sales Administrator
Mollie Holloway Staff Photo

Mollie Holloway

Sales Administrator

Cat Dennis

Senior Telemarketing Executive
Joanna Abdali Staff Photo

Joanna Abdali

Senior Telemarketing Executive

Lesley Fergus

Senior Telemarketing Executive

Laura Robson

Senior Telemarketing Executive
Farai Gwenzy Staff Photo

Farai Gwenzi

Team Leader
Cameron Rouse Staff Photo

Cameron Rouse

Team Leader
Alex Hughes Staff Photo

Alex Hughes

Telemarketing Executive
Mel Ezeiru Staff Photo

Mel Ezeiru

Telemarketing Executive

Jay Madden

Telemarketing Executive
Archie Harris Staff Photo

Archie Harris

Telemarketing Executive
Richard Barnes Staff Photo

Richard Barnes

Telemarketing Executive
Liam Bethell Staff Photo

Liam Bethell

Telemarketing Executive
Chloe Noyce Staff Photo

Chloe Noyce

Telemarketing Executive
Chris Elston Staff Photo

Chris Elston

Telemarketing Executive
Elise Powell Staff Photo

Elise Powell

Telemarketing Executive
Isaac Ackland Staff Photo

Isaac Ackland

Telemarketing Executive
Alex White Staff Photo

Alex White

Telemarketing Executive
Cinnamon Lacey Staff Photo

Cinnamon Lacey

Telemarketing Executive
Holly Catto Staff Photo

Holly Catto

Telemarketing Executive
Armando Andrei Staff Photo

Armando Andrei

Telemarketing Executive
Charlotte Chapman Staff Photo

Charlotte Chapman

Telemarketing Executive
Emma Parry Pearce Staff Photo

Emma Parry-Pearce

Telemarketing Executive
Joel Clare Staff Photo

Joel Bennett-Clare

Telemarketing Executive
John Lush Staff Photo

John Lush

Telemarketing Executive
Molly Perry Simpson Staff Photo

Molly Perry-Simpson

Team Leader
Ian Higgins Staff Photo

Ian Higgins

Telemarketing Executive
Dylan Albrighton Staff Photo

Dylan Albrighton

Telemarketing Executive
Ellie Chandler Staff Photo

Ellie Chandler

Telemarketing Executive
Ryan Hayes-Herbert Staff Photo

Ryan Hayes-Herbert

Digital Marketing Executive
Chloe Berry Staff Photo

Chloe Berry

HR & Recruitment Manager
Jay Harris Staff Photo

Jay Harris

HR & Recruitment Admin Apprentice
Brooke Burdle Staff Photo

Brooke Burdle

Office Administrator
Dale Toovey Staff Photo

Dale Toovey

Provisioning Manager
Tyler Comley Staff Photo

Tyler Comley

Provisioning Coordinator
Laura Hole Staff Photo

Laura Hole

Customer Service Manager
Kaie Parslow Staff Photo

Katie Parslow

Customer Experience Team Leader
Claudia Broomhall Staff Photo

Claudia Broomhall

Account Manager
Haydon Winter Staff Photo

Haydon Winter

1st Line Technical Support
Callum Weston Staff Photo

Callum Weston

1st Line Technical Support Apprentice
Charlie Davies Staff Photo

Charlie Davies

Engineering Manager
Matthew Main Staff Photo

Matthew Main

Second Line Network Engineer
Corey Blackwell Staff Photo

Corey Blackwell

IT Support Apprentice

Ashley Thomas

Ashley Kappa Staff Photo

Ashley Kappa

Harry Kitchen Staff Photo

Harry Kitchen

Network Engineer
Cameron Hutton Staff Photo

Cameron Hutton

Network Engineer
Daniel Bailes Staff Photo

Daniel Bailes

Oliver Raven Staff Photo

Oliver Raven

Karl Gentles Staff Photo

Karl Gentles

Apprentice Network Engineer
Cian Fish Staff Photo

Cian Fish

Network Engineering Intern
Konstantinis Kolcovs Staff Photo

Konstantins Kolcovs

Senior Systems Administrator & Developer
Tom Strong Staff Photo

Tom Strong

Software Developer
Matt Reeve Staff Photo

Matt Reeve

User Experience Designer
Gary Reynolds Staff Photo

Gary Reynolds

Field Sales Executive

Jonathan Forshaw

Field Sales Executive
Lenny Woodard Staff Photo

Lenny Woodard

Field Sales Executive
James Wells Staff Photo

James Wells

Field Sales Executive
Lloyd Harries Staff Photo

Lloyd Harries

Field Sales Executive

Katy Collins

Billing Manager
Declan Crisp Staff Photo

Declan Crisp

Internal Accounting Technician
Joe Clarke Staff Photo

Joe Clarke

Terminations Coordinator
Emmanuel Bashorun Staff Photo

Emmanuel Bashorun

Credit Controller
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