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Link phone system

Built for business, based in the cloud – our Link phone system does the basics really well and includes all functionality you would ever require, all backed up by our geo-redundant data centre network.

Communicate from anywhere, using any device; your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or any desk or cordless phones available from our wide range of compatible handsets.


Based on open standards for cloud communications, our Link phone system is built on the most advanced technology that exists today.


Built with redundancy in mind, with multi-layer backups and multi-site data centre deployment, Link phone system is designed for redundancy and scale.


Make and receive calls from your mobile phone, presenting your office number and taking advantage of full phone system functionality like call recording, call transfer and conferencing.

Control your phone system

Use the Communicator Desktop app to control settings from your phone system such as your caller ID, call diversion, your do not disturb status, as well as view how many calls you have received, how many you have answered, and how long you have spent on the phone that day.

Individual & group chat

Use the Communicator Desktop app to communicate with your colleagues, either via one to one conversations, or in group chats. Share files and collaborate from the chat window, or escalate the conversation to a phone call or video call with the click of a button.

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