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The Foundation

What is the Foundation?

The Foundation was founded in May 2021 to enable equal opportunities for all kids of any background in Southampton.

We aimed to raise £2000 by the end of 2021, to do this we have attended and participated in multiple different fundraising events such as Tough Mudder and a sports day event at Testlands Support Project. We ended up raising £3461.93 which is incredible, we aim to raise £10,000 in 2022 and we believe with your help that will be possible.

“We focus on empowering children from any and all backgrounds to help the become who they want to become, or achieve want they want to achieve.”

Christmas 2021 we aimed to raise as much money as we can to buy as many toys as we can and deliver them to multiple charities that help the local youth community so no one is left without a present this year. We ended up raising just over £2000 which was outstanding. We wrapped up all the presents and donated half to the Testlands Support Project and the other half to the Southampton Toy Appeal.

In March we visited the Testlands Support Hub and played a game of football to help raise some money for the foundation. The teams were Ops vs Sales. Ops FC gave it a jubilant effort but it was Sales FC who came out on top, 9-3.
We were able to raise £150 for the foundation which is fantastic, it’s the first event of the year but we have so much more planned.

We have a lot of exciting activities planned for 2022 to raise our target of £10,000! You will be able to see how much we have raised towards our target below.

Of course, any donation would be greatly appreciated for such a good cause.

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